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I love the scary pop ups you find in emails and on sites. And for a long time, I couldn’t find any videos that were Really Scary. Now after spending days searching the internet for the best scary pop ups out there. I’ve gathered them all here for you to enjoy. You can download them and email them to your friends.

 post them here.

Scary Car Commercial
Looks like a harmless car ad but looks can be deceiving.

 Scary Teeth
Show us your teeth pretty lady.

Scary Commercial
Improve your golf swing and scare yourself silly.

Scary Girl
Popup shocker of a funny face girl gone scary.

Snake Eats Boy
You wanna see something really scary?

Where’s Waldo
Scary flash popup Where’s Waldo now.

Deamon Face
deamon face scary popup.

Scary Flash
The first scary popup ever.

Coyote Video
Man out walking in countryside gets attacked by a coyote.

Bedtime Scare
Time to got to bed, ready for your bedtime smile.

Posessed Boy
Look at the boy posessed by a deamon.

What’s Wrong
Figure out what’s wrong with this picture.

Cool animated short with a shock ending.

 Creepy Ghost

creepy grudge ghost in mirror

Ghost Chair

who's a rockin in the chair?

Ghost Camera

scary ghost caught on camera


Screamer Faces
screamer faces for pop ups.

Kittens Screamer
Cute things can be scary too.


Halloween Pumpkin