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Alice Cooper = Super Spooky Halloween Music


Here's some free Halloween music and popular themes in green below to get those creative juices flowing for your next Halloween Haunt. >> Right Click and Save!


Top Halloween Music

Fun Halloween Songs

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Fun Halloween Tunes


Atlanta Rhythm Section

> Spooky

Bowling For Soup

> Lil Red Riding Hood

Buddy Guy

> I Put A Spell On You

Dire Straits

> My Parties

Golden Earring

> Twilight Zone


> Haunted House

Michael Jackson

> Thriller


> Monster Mash


> Ghost Busters

Warren Zevon

> Werewolves Of London

Red Hot Chili Pepper

> Death Of A Martian


Free Halloween Music


> Halloween Theme

> Everything Keeps Dissolving

> The Universe Is Haunted



Alice Cooper


> Teenage Frankenstein

> Welcome To My Nightmare

> Devils Food

> The Black Widow

> Devils Food The Black Widow

> Skeletons In The Closet

> Years Ago

> Steven

> Some Folks

> I Love The Dead

> The House Is Haunted



Fun Halloween Tunes


Austin Lounge Lizards

> Hillbillies In A Haunted House


> Haunted House

DJ Yoda

> Haunted House

Tony Geiling

> Dracula

Golden Earring

> The Devil Rides Again Tonight

Marc Almond

> The House Is Haunted


> Tales From The Crypt

> The Munsters

> The Munsters Theme

> Addams Family Song

> Haunted Mansion

> Haunted Mansion Sounds

> Monster Mash

> Black Sabbath

> Frankenstein

> Diary Of A Madman

> Witchy Woman

> Thriller

> Devil With A Blue Dress On

> Elvira

> Funeral March

> Werewolves Of London

> Beetlejuice

> The Thing

> Phantasm 1

> Phantasm 2

> Outer Limits 1

> Outer Limist 2

> Halloween Theme

> Bewitched

> Amityville Horror

> Count Dracula

> Phantom Of The Opera

> Ghost Busters

> Exorcist

> Dark Shadows

> X-files

> Alfred Hitchcock

> Jaws

> Star Trek

> Twilight Zone

> Darth Vader

> Pulp Fiction

> Poltergeist

> Psycho

> Nightmare On Elm Street

> Heretic

> Casper

> Charley Brown

> Ghost Busters

> Graveyard Chill

> Horny Mystery

> Mysterious Rant

> Wide Eyed Night

> Psycho Jaunt

> Spooky Shiver

> Terror Taunting


Some of the tunes are popular themes from tv that you will recognize right away. Some of the tunes you won't, but their great tunes for Halloween. Music sets the mood, makes you feel something, a childhood memory or just knowing it was for something scary.

It's fun to play some of these while building props and getting the house ready with decorations. This is spooky party music.Halloween Pumpkin