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Recipes for Halloween

Recipes are collected, saved and passed on over the years. Some come from websites, some out of cook books, some from friends and some from family. They pass the taste test for delicious holiday treats no-matter how eerie they look. Some of these ghoulish plates make great decorations for any Halloween Haunt. Frightful dishes for Halloween

Top 10 Lists


Halloween Munchies

Tasty Treats

Ghoulish Grits

  • Battered Brains

  • Bloody Popcorn

  • Cat Litter Cake

  • Eyeball Cookies

  • Ghoulish Grave Stones

  • Gingerbread Corpses

  • Monster Mash

  • Spiders

  • Tombstone Cake

  • Witches Fingers


Halloween Beverages

Fruitful Quenchers

Toxic Potions

  • Pumpkin Banana Froth

  • Pumpkin Froth

  • Pumpkin Punch

  • Witches Brew Tea


  • Cranberry Apple Punched

  • Toxic Tea

  • Vampires Blood

  • Witches Brew


Halloween Pumpkin