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Costume Craze - Halloween Costumes & Accessories


The history of Costume Craze starts back in 2001 as Founder Matthew Maloney began selling monk robes online. Soon after that "monk robes" grew into something much larger. Today the company is called Costume Craze, and while they carry a full line of those original monk robes, they also carry thousands of Halloween or Festive costumes and accessories all year round!


Costume Craze Halloween Superstore


With help from a dedicated team of enthusiastic employees, what started as a home based business has grown into one of the world's largest online costume retailers. With a mission to provide valued customers with exceptional service, and unbeatable prices, they strive to provide one of the best all around shopping experiences you've ever had online.

Costume Craze is now one of the world's largest online retailers as it provides Static Advantage, search engine optimization technology that taps into a huge, year-round market for costumes. Today, Costume Craze is dominant force in its field of providing festive costumes..


Costume CrazeCostumeCraze


Costume Craze, LLC
350 West Center Street
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062


within US and Canada: 1-888-922-7293
outside US and Canada: 1-801-796-1053


Halloween costumes and accessories.


Costume Craze was among the first online costume retail operation, However, the online costume industry is now highly competitive. To stay on top of the market, Costume Craze continually updates its product mix with fresh ne ideas. This year, the company plans to introduce around 2,000 new products to it's inventory creating even more diversity.


Costume Craze operates a large network of related websites which help to optimize search-engine hits. They sell mascots as well as costumes along with manufactures exclusive costume lines. They also hold a licensing agreement with Disney to exclusively sell the adult costume of Princess Tiana from "The Princess and the Frog," and similar agreements are in the works for other costumes. And Costume Craze ships worldwide to get you your goods anywhere.

The Costume Craze company uses a proprietary technology that utilizes internal and external data, plugged into complex algorithms, to determine what products, and how many, the company should order. Their website offers more than 14,000 items, this process offers a real advantage.


Costume Craze Halloween and Festive Costumes



Costume Craze Online Shopping



Costume Craze Founders, the Maloney families rise to the top began when they had had a great entrepreneurial idea: create a software program to help Internet companies have greater sales success. They believed in this software so much that they formulated a product test to demonstrate the software's advantages a small online business that sold costumes. Today, Costume Craze, is the second largest Internet retailer of costumes. With a current inventory of more than 8,500 costumes, the company ships to nearly every country, and is on the Inc. 500 list


Costume Craze Warehouse


The current Costume Craze warehouse is 23,000 square feet  but with a newly purchased building and land, the operation will double its size to 57,000 square feet on 4 1/2 acres.

Costume Craze now offers a variety of theatrical and movie costumes, period clothing, accessories and, Halloween costumes that come in all sizes for pets and humans alike. Costume Craze averages approximately 100 costume orders in a normal off season day. However, during Halloween the warehouse requires about 90 employees to handle the rush.

During Halloween,  they can have 3,000 new orders and 5,000 packaged (for delivery) in one day. Hollywood is a huge influence on what will be "the hottest costume" each year and this is what drives the latest and newest trends to the market every year.

Consistent annual favorite costumes are "Ghostbusters" costumes and accessories. These are group favorites. Dorothy, Toto and The Wizard of Oz gang are also consistent favorites.

If your looking for a pet costume, you'll most likely find just what you need online. Most popular is the Superman dog costume.
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